Metro Baguio is more than just a place; it is a wholesome experience every year - all year round!

The weather

Baguio is the place to be in summer – and its summer in Baguio all year round. It occasionally rains in the dry months of January to June and it generously shines in the wet months of July to December. However you look at it, the weather is generally an occasional rain all summer. Just enough to keep everything fresh and blooming. An occasional sun, sand and sea experience is just an hour away.

The people

Friendly, meek, peaceful. The central district is a bit cosmopolitan; a melting pot of people who came to Baguio and made it their home. The villages will be a trip back in time – and they are not far away. Centuries-old traditions persists, yet blending with modern times; conservative yet very 21st century, like natives dancing traditional dances in Levi’s jeans.

The sights

Metro Baguio has more to offer than any other city its own size. It was built to be a place to rest and enjoy life. Who will not enjoy a home kissed by the clouds so often? Whether man-made or a natural endowment, all of Baguio is a sight to see. It is the only city in the country which, back in the 1900’s, was planned and designed. The city has grown beyond its original concept, but so are the places to see.

The institutions

Whatever your reasons for building a home, Baguio’s got them all. Schools, parks, nature, weather, recreation, retirement, shopping, business, language learning, etc…Baguio offers the best options north of Metro Manila. Thinking of your children’s future? Baguio has some of the best schools. Thinking about retirement? Baguio has some of the best recreational and health care facilities in the country. Thinking of business? Baguio is wired up for the internet age.

Oh yes, flowers are in bloom all year round! Welcome; build your home in the city of flowers.

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