Please read the following carefully so that you may understand fully the terms and conditions under which we operate our business.

All offers ensure without obligation, and Baguio Homes Real Estate Services will not be held liable in any of the following circumstances:

  • Any inaccuracy in the particulars and terms of the property referred to.
  • Misrepresentation as regards the particulars of the property by the owners.
  • If the property is sold or rented to third parties at the instance of the property owner.
  • The listed prices are at the discretion of the seller, not the broker. As such they may be subject to change from time to time since it is the prerogative of the sellers. The broker accepts no liability for change in pricing.
  • If the property is withdrawn prior to the finality of any contract of sale or rent.
Any suit or legal action in violation of these conditions shall be brought within the jurisdiction of a court in Baguio City, Republic of the Philippines.


We offer brokerage services, with a minimum commission of:


  • Ideally 5 % of the sale price to be paid by the seller
  • Rental/Lease: one month rental for every 12 months contract
  • 3-5 % to be paid by client in case of commissioned searches
  • The amount of commission arrangement is between client and broker, and is a private negotiation.


No information, material, or location of properties or the owners of properties may be passed on to third parties.

The confidentiality requirement shall not apply in case a buyer has previous knowledge of a property from another source prior to being introduced by Baguio Homes Real Estate Services, or any of its network agents.


No unescorted property inspections shall be conducted. All property inspections must be conducted with the Broker in attendance, or his representative. This is because it is illegal to enter property without the permission of the property owner. Since the properties are listed by a broker, it is a professional practice for a buyer to be introduced to the seller by the broker.

As a general rule, our company refuses the involvement of any relative in the sales transactions, or inspections. In case, however, that a buyer/investor wishes his/her relative or friend to act as intermediary in the purchase/lease of land, such relative or friend needs to sign alongside with the buyer/investor in the “Broker's Agent Agreement.”

It is also deemed inappropriate for such representatives/relatives to ask for a share of the broker's commission. Real Estate Brokerage is a profession; we obey laws and pay our taxes.


Unsecured Cash Payments through third parties i.e. relatives of Balikbayans or other agents are not encouraged; we have had money disappear in this fashion.

It is strongly suggested that buyers pay through cheques direct to the payee or sellers of property.

Usual method of purchase is 30% down payment; the balance upon receipt of proof of property transfer, then ownership documentation delivered to you by Express Couriers upon the receipt of balance of payment.


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